Important Point for Organic Hair Color

‚Äčkindly note that these 100%Natural organic hair colors , made just with pure and natural organic herbs, hence it needs proper understanding of natural products,
it has certain limitations, which should not be considered as defect but beauty of Mother Nature
Those who understand natural , they know, it,

still following points may be considered  important and  be educated-

  1.  its result should never be compared with 100% chemical hair colors,
  2. its coloring intensity and retention is weaker in comparision to that of 100% chemical hair colors, it is mother nature.
  3. But it is safe for body and health and have no side effects, allergy, and harm to body hence it is for those who are health conscious or are allergic to chemicals.
  4. Color stay on hair from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on health of hair of person using it.
  5. if hair have been treated badly in past or  with chemicals too much, or health of hair is poor then in first application good results may not be achieved and product need to be applied 2 or three times , with a interval of at least 24 hours between two applications. 
  6. Product first neutralises the damage of hair and repair  it,  there after become acquainted to hair and further good results are achieved in just single application
  7. in rare cases some persons are even sensitive herbs also, then those very few persons may have allergy hence we have advised patch test before use.  some persons are even allergic to flowers, pollen grains, or even fragrance like in japan and in india too. on rest other product do not cause any side effect or allergy, in fact it is  boon for those who are allergic to chemicals
  8. with our soft black color , very few people may feel tingling effect during application  due to presence of indigo herb , it is normal, so nothing to worry about, unless they are allergic to indigo herb.
  9. Most of the people will get good results, but  some persons, after application may get slight violet or purple tone  or orangish tone temporarily , which may go away in just few hours.  If in some rare cases it still persists after 24 hours, then take following action-

- if a person get purple tone, then he/ she may apply just natural henna paste  made freshly by adding water to henna powder, leave it on hair for one hour and rinse off with water. Purple tone will go away and hair will become black.
- if a person get orangish tone, then kindly apply paste  made of of just Natural indigo herb powder, by adding water, leave it on hair for one hour and rinse off with water. Orangish tone will go away and hair will become dark.

Common mistake people make:
A - many people think it is HENNA and treat it like that, it is not just henna but mixture of  more then one various organic herbs , henna is just one of the herbs. Henna is a single herb. 
B - General practice with pure henna  is that  after making paste is left  idle for 1 or two hours so that its  natural coloring component called Lawsone get activated in large qty and good dark coloring is obtained,  but it is no so with other herbs which are present in  our organic hair colours, hence  after making paste with our organic hair colour powder, please apply  it on hair immediately.

Do not leave paste to set like henna before application, Apply immediately on hair, after making paste. 
C -  Once water is added in powder to make paste, reaction between water and  various herbs present in powder starts, this reaction should take place on hair for colouring, if you leave the paste  idle for some time before application, its reaction is already over when you apply on hair, and it will not colour your hair.

D - Hair Darkening effect -  it is to cover grey / white hair, for example if you have brown hair and some white hair, then you should apply brown colour, if you have dark brown hair and some white hair, then you should apply dark brown colour. 
E - Hair  Lightening effect  - if you want to apply say wine red on black hair, for fashion, then you may not get red color on black hair by first application, it may just give some reddish tint on black hair, you need to apply 3-4 time with a gap of at least 24 hours between each application to get red color. 

This is the unique feature of this organic hair color, all hair colors are just darkening colors, in other words make light hair darker, and if you want to color your dark hair to lighter color, then first you need to bleach and then apply lighter color shade, this is the normal way,  

But with this organic hair color, as I explained you above, it can even make darker hair to lighter color, but you need to have lot of patience and apply 3-4 times, and you do not need bleaching which  are quite harmful for hair, and it also opens up a new segment of buyers-teenageer for fashion.  No parent will allow teenagers to bleach their hair because it is harmful, but with organic hair colors teenagers can also use it for fashion to color, red, burgundy, mahogany, starwberry blonde etc without bleaching as I explained above