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Organic Hair Colour Application Method :


  • Wash hair thoroughly before applying the colour paste, preferably using a natural/organic shampoo and simply towel dry. This step is absolutely important for best results. Do not use any conditioner or oils at this stage.

  • The hair should be very clean and free from any oils, gels, styling products or residual products like conditioners. Unlike the chemical based hair dyes which break and damage the hair, Radico Colour Me Organic Hair Colour deposits the colour on the hair. Therefore the paste will work best when it is applied on clean hair.



  • Use hair colour powder in quantity as per hair length.

                          Short Hair :                       20 g to 30 g

                          Shoulder Length Hair :     40 g to 60 g

                          Long Hair :                       70 g to 100 g

  • Use hot water at approximate temperature 60 °C to 70 °C (140 °F to 160 °F). Use pure drinking water or distilled water for best results.

  • Gradually add the hot water to the hair colour powder, little at a time, in a bowl and mix well to obtain a uniform ketchup or yogurt like consistency.

  • Avoid using any metal bowl or metal spoon during the preparation or application of the paste.

  • For very short hair, for stubborn grey hair and for difficult areas like temples, make a thicker paste by adding more powder and apply a thick extra coating.



  • After a thorough hair wash (as mentioned above), towel dry hair and when the hair are still slighly damp, begin applying the paste from the roots along the hair length using the brush or even by hands. Make sure to cover all hair really well. The paste may be applied even to the scalp as this would enhance scalp nourishment.

  • Very grey and short hair are best covered by using thicker paste.

  • After applying the paste fully and evenly, apply heat with a blow dryer for 1 to 2 minutes and then cover your hair with the disposable shower cap. The heat application may be repeated 2 to 3 times with a gap of 15/20 mins even without removing the shower cap. This step is optional but highly recommended. Heat activates the organic herbs in the paste, which helps to enhance the nourishing and the colouring process.


  • After paste application, cover the hair with the disposable shower cap. Alternatively, common cling film may also be used to cover the hair.

  • Leave the paste on your hair for a minimum of 60 to 90 minutes.

  • Very grey areas may require longer application time. The paste can be left on hair for up to 3 hours.


  • Finally rinse hair with abundant running water without shampoo. For best result, we recommend using shampoo/conditioner only after 24 hours. If a shampoo wash earlier than 24 hours is really required, a natural and gentle shampoo/conditioner is highly recommended.



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