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Q.: What is Organic Hair Color?


A.: Organic Hair color is a professional organic hair color product that does not have any synthetic ingredients. It has been made up with only certified organic herbs.


Q.: Can it be used on my synthetic colored hair?


A.: Yes, you can use Organic Hair Colors if your hair has already been treated to synthetic colors/dyes. However, hair should first be neutralized with the first application then color the hair naturally.


Q.: Is it certified or not?


A.: Yes it is internationally certified by ECOCERT, India. Ecocert is the world first certifying agency for organic products.


Q.: How much time it will take to color my hair?


A.: Color paste should be left on hair for at least one hour. Our herbs are all natural and therefore work a little slower than chemical dye.


Q.: How long will this color last?


A.: The color lasts for 2-4 weeks, depending on health and condition of hair. The more you use the product the longer the product last with each application.


Q.: Does it stain the skin?


A.: No, it does not.


Q.: Will I get the actual color shade?


A.: Final color may vary person to person depending on health and condition of hair.


Q.: Should I apply on clean hair?


A.: Yes, paste should be applied on freshly washed and completely dry hair.


Q.: Does it work on all hair textures?


A.: Yes, as long as instructions are followed our product works on all hair textures.


Q.: Is a patch test required?


A.: Yes, although our product is created with only organic herbs, some herbs may be too strong and can cause reaction (very unlikely).



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